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We looooooove this 😍😍😍 #Repost @tahminafaizi ・・・ Been a while since I did a fast video, I know!🙄 But that's alright, you guys feel me I guess. And today I don't understand why, but it's one of those days I'm dropping everything on the floor.. I hate it.😣 • So I wanted to make this short tutorial of how to get that eyeliner winged pretty good. I usually don't use any tools when I put a eyeliner on myself or a client, but I've heard a lot of people who loves eyeliner, but they dont weat it because they find it' too hard. My clients been requesting me for several different kind of tutorials to help them and show some tricks of the makeup. So I'm going to do my best, even tho I'm a begginer on these video stuff. So excuse me if it's not that professional tutorials, as long as you see what I'm doing I guess that's important. 🤗 Here is what I do, I first draw it with a refill shadow from @fargcollection and then put the liner on the draw line. I love the @lash4lash eyeliner, it's not only made for those who have lashextensions, but also for people who doesn't. It's so easy to work with it and it's bold and black! 😍 If you do a mistake, it can be removed easily. I will be uploading details on my blog today and there you can read what I use and etc. Enjoy!🙋‍♀️


Volume 👆🏼😍😍 using our 0,05 lashes for this amazing set 😍 vill du lära dig göra perfekta volymfransar? Då är vi skolan för dig! Vi går in på djupet med hur du ska applicera fransarna för att få ett så perfekt resultat som möjligt 😍 vi visar lagertekniken, Kim K design och vi delar med oss av alla våra hemligheter 😍 passa på att boka för höstens kurser börjar bli fulla 😍 boka på www.lashforlash.com